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We have many years experience in providing workshops for schools, groups and healthcare organisations.


Workshops are available in the following disciplines Chinese Martial Arts, Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), Qigong, Calligraphy and Lion Dance, half day and full day courses available.  

 Modern, traditional dance,belly dance, fire dance and tailor made multi style dance also available. 


Please view the individual disciplines by clicking on the relevant navigation buttons on the left hand side for more in-depth information, photos and videos.





Chinese Calligraphy



 Our Chinese Calligrapher has taught in schools for over 6 years in both Calligraphy and Chinese Language.  She has taught workshops for elderly and community based groups over many years.

 Our Calligrapher learnt the art from her father and trained in school and college during childhood in Hong Kong.   Practising writing everyday under her father's strict supervision and instruction, Chinese Calligraphy  is one of the ancient traditional arts and cultures of China and it is an art of healing our minds to be calm and peaceful it has a long history.  Chinese Calligraphy has been established in different styles and its beauty since the ancient times, it can be very creative, every character from each artist/writer expresses or reviews his/her different style and personality. 

Writing Chinese Calligraphy can be relaxing and enjoyable besides learning its historical background and the ways of writing.  That's the reason why we want to share this art and culture with other communities here in England.