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 Great Grandmaster Ip Man




     Master Lun receives birthday wishes from the restaurant staff




Derek Frearson -Yeung Yun Choi -Guo Wei Jan at Master Luns birthday party 




Supper at Master Luns favourite restaurant







Back Fist Technique


Leung Jan Zhangsheng Tang (Jan San Tong) on Chopstick Street Foshan City




Derek with Master Ip Chun VTAA Hong Kong



Foshan Wing Chun Master Mak Yiu Ming Cheung Bo Style



Pao Fei Lein Master Kwok Kai and Family



Foshan Newspaper  

 Wing Chun Museum Certificate

 Senior Instructors Certificate from Ving Tsun Athletic Association


Sifu Derek Frearson Bong Sao



Master Lun Gai Tan Sao



Master Lun and Derek Frearson play Chi Sao



Derek at the First Chi Sao Competition in Foshan




Dog Hot Pot supper in the home of Master Kwok Fu

No sweet only Chi Sao for afters



The former site of Grandmaster Ips home in Mulberry Gardens 


Derek Frearson and Master  Ip Chun play chi sao


            Derek Frearson and Master Ip Chun play Chi Sao


Master Lun Gai and Derek Play Chi Sao



Pao Fei Lein Family Hong Kong



 Master Lun Gai Wing Chun Pole



Master Lun Gai Wing Chun Knives 




Here is the complete list of Master Lun’s students he published this list in the Ving Tsun Athletic Association book Genealogy of Wing Chun





Lun Gai Foshan Wing Chun Association Registered with the Hong Kong Wing Chun Union




Sifu Derek Frearson Tan Sao Punch