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    Derek Frearson with his teacher Dr Zhao at the Foshan Traditional Medicine Hospital



Derek Frearson With Dr Zhao Foshan China



     Derek Frearson with his teacher Dr Chan at a private Traditional Medicine Clinic  Foshan  China  




Tuina training Foshan China



 Derek Frearson Tuina Training Foshan China




Derek Freasrson with husband and wife team Dr Zhao and Dr Chan



By Sifu Derek Frearson

Tuina therapy or Chinese massage is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has a long history that dates back to ancient times. Archaeological studies in recent years have showed that as early as the late period of the New Stone Age around 2700B.C. the Chinese people in the Yellow River Valley had accumulated massage techniques from their forefathers.

TCM adopts a holistic approach and lays great importance on the balance of the bodies’ energy system. These techniques have been refined over many generations and are used in all TCM hospitals in China.


In the east, massage has been used for thousands of years as a way to aid relaxation and encourage the healthy flow of life energy or Chi throughout the body. Tuina massage is a combination of deep and vigorous muscular stretching following the energy channels of the body. This includes stimulation of various acupuncture points. It will improve the flow of energy and blood around the body helping to remove toxins through stimulation of the lymphatic system. It will help to breakdown and reduce fat deposits, firm and greatly improve skin tone. Other benefits include, strengthening of the immune system, stabilises blood pressure, calms and soothes the nervous system and reduces pain. Aching muscles are a common symptom in today's fast paced society, even more so for people who enjoy training in sport. Tuina is best performed as whole body massage; part body massage is also available however.




Suitable for all ages Tuina will help to keep the body in a balanced condition. Therapeutic massage for the bodies’ energy system, Tuina will aid the flow of Chi (vital force) around the body preventing blockages in the meridians and so preventing possible health problems from developing. Tuina is a complete massage from head to foot. Don't wait until you're ill, prevention is the best cure. Tuina is also a useful tool for stress management leaving the body and mind in a relaxed condition. For sports people pre- and post- event massage will prevent injury and aid recovery thus improving performance


Tuina Therapy


Tuina consists of many hand techniques, which affect the energy, muscles, joints etc in various ways.


1          Pressing           2          Kneading with the finger        3          Kneading with the thenar eminence

4          Grasping          5          Rolling                                  6          Kneading with the palm base

7          Twisting           8          Regulating                             9          Dotting with the flexed finger

10        Scraping          11        Plucking                                12        Pinching along the spine

13        Pushing            14        Straight rubbing                     15        Round rubbing

16        Scratching        17        Wiping                                  18        Shaking          

19        Vibrating          20        Knocking                              21        Chopping with joined palms

22                Tapping

There are also many variations of the above hand techniques with elbows, forearms etc being used.


Depending on the condition various joint manoeuvres are also used, these include:


1          Pulling the wrist                     2          Rotating the neck        3          Pulling up the neck

4          Rotating the shoulder             5          Pulling the shoulder     6          Abducting the shoulder

7          Rotating the wrist                   8          Extending the chest     9          Extending and flexing the shoulder

10        Adducting the shoulder          11        Pushing the elbow       12        Lifting the head and neck

13        Rotating the hip joint              14        Pulling the finger          15        Pulling the waist backwards

16        Rotating the finger                  17        Rotating the ankle       18        Pulling the waist obliquely

19        Pulling the toes                       20        Rotating the knees      21        Pulling the waist semi-circularly

22        Lifting the lower limbs             23        Pulling the legs           24        Dredging the channels




Combinations of the above techniques along with the hand manipulations are used to treat various conditions and ailments.