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The Theory and Song of Yong Chun Quan


Approved by Master Cen Neng (Sum Nung) of Guangzhou Yong Chun Quan, the disciple of Zhang Bao (Cheung Bo) and Ruan Qi Shan (Yuen Kay Shan)


Translated to English by YC Yeung 23 August 1999, Leicester, UK





The techniques of Yong Chun Quan are unique,

The methods are impenetrable and unfastening should be avoided.

Teach and practice with you but training heart is necessary,

Relax and smiling in defeating the opponent to make great tales.


Seeking by the forwarding (Tan) to judge the foe's situation,

It is like watching flowers when afar but strike when he is near.

Let him fly like dragon and hop like tiger,

while I am at ease and entertained.


The hand strikes like the falling star,

The kick is without form like flying arrow.

Upper is in the centreline and lower is gripping the groin,

to ensure the body is inaccessible.


The key is sticking to the bridge of the enemy,

Exalted awareness controls the advance;

The skill is to borrow forces and strike forces,

Four ounces to deflect a thousand pounds.


To strike first has its reasons,

but to encounter embedded the mystery.

Do not stop at a single strike,

forcing the opponent continuously is a must.





Go on top of the in coming bridge,

Neutralise the incoming elbow with an elbow.

Close in to long range strikes,

Move the stance forward to incoming stance.



Keeping the incoming hand and send forward the outgoing hand,

Loose hand must follow with forward thrust.

Take the incoming straight thrust with a curve,

Encounter cross hand with straight thrust forward.



Forwarding, obstructing, blocking and twisting,

Topping, stopping, sinking and thrusting.

Sticking, touching, ironing and swinging,

Swallowing and spitting contained stealing and slipping.



Each point in the theory is very clear,

Each technique must be demarcated.

The difference of a line is like heaven and earth,

Slightest bit of slackness will be disqualified!


Committed all these in memory,

One day will retrieve the mystery within.

Honour your teacher and respect your career year after year,

Honesty and determination will generate greatness.





Clever methods will generate more clever methods,

            Unusual training exercises will generate more unusual training exercises.

            Wind and thunder generated within an inch,

            How can you not be humbled?


True words of the Originator:


            The true skill of Yong Chun is difficult to find,

            Especially when there are so many branches and levels.

            Intelligent plus diligent after many years,

            Will still be a lonesome boat in a big ocean.

            If confronted with the dishonest sort,

            Will not give away for a thousand ounces of gold.