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Dragon Boat Festival.


The Dragon Boat festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month in the lunar calendar.

It is believed that festival started in memory of the poet called Qu Yuan,

 At that time, over 2500 years ago, China was split into small countries which were often fighting each other.

Qu Yuan was a loyal official of the Chu State, which was being attacked by the Qin army.

Qu Yuen advised the Chu Emperor to join up with other countries to fight back the Qin army.

 The advice was refused by the Chu Emperor and Qu Yuan was sent out of the Chu state.

In the end the Chu state was occupied by the Qin army. Qu Yuan felt so disappointed that he threw himself into the Mi Luo River and drown.

To save him, the people of Chu rushed to the river and went out in rowing boats to try and find him. To try and save him, some people threw stick rice wrapped in bamboo leaves- called Zhong-Zi- into the water to prevent him from being eaten by fish.


This later became the custom of the Dragon Boat festival. It is now so popular that Dragon boat racing is an international sport with teams from all over the world.