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Bulk Powders

Our market-leading MP CORE range of bulk powders offers high quality powdered products in their pure and simple form. We have a diverse and comprehensive range, giving you the widest choice probably just about anywhere. From protein to amino acids, our MP CORE range enables you to create your own unique personal nutrition plan.




Nutritious MP MAX MyBar® bars are packed full of the finest ingredients to deliver exceptional nutritional content. Each bar has been rigorously taste-tested to ensure these popular and convenient snacks taste unbelievable. At Myprotein® direct prices, you simply won't find better value for money anywhere.




The finest in female nutrition, at a fraction of the price! MP MAX Elle is our exclusive range of sports supplements designed specifically for active women. Incorporating the finest ingredients and the latest research, these delicious tasting supplements can help you achieve your tone and weight control goals.


  • MP Max One

    Leading range of ready-to-drink sports supplements, designed to the same high standards as our award-winning powder ranges. Great tasting drinks, that provide you with a hassle-free way to consume the most essential nutrients for exercise whilst on the go. Ideal for anyone needing supplementation on the go.


    Flavouring Systems

    With such a huge variety of unflavoured products, our high quality flavouring systems give you the opportunity to mix and match flavours to suit your needs. You may prefer to use a different flavour on a daily basis or you may just want to increase the flavour of an existing product, the choice is yours.



    Exclusive range of Myprotein® branded accessories to complement our market-leading supplements. Made to our own uncompromising high standards, each product is made using premium quality materials and tested by us. From shakers to capsule machines, you'll find everything you need for your nutrition routine.




    Our stylish range of MP clothing ticks all the boxes when it comes to design, fit and comfort. Using the best materials to support an active body, many items utilise breathable, moisture wicking components to help you maintain an optimal body temperature for harder and smarter sessions, whatever your goal.


     Tablets/ Capsules

    Our wide range of supplements in easy-to-take capsule or tablet format covers a variety of nutritional requirements. Split into five key categories from sports performance to weight control, our tablets/capsules range offers a comprehensive list of the finest in nutrition, designed for convenience. Most products come in a variety of sizes to fit your own needs.



    MP Max Foods

    A unique range of exclusively sourced foods, carefully selected for their high nutritional content. Each product offers versatility and convenience so you can easily incorporate them into your daily routine. From Beef Jerky to Peanut Butter, MP MAX® Foods serve as handy snacks or for use in everyday cooking.


    MP Formulas

    Our unique proprietary blends have been scientifically designed to meet specific training goals. Engineered in-house, each formula uses carefully selected ingredients that work together synergistically to deliver outstanding results. Whilst our advanced flavouring technology ensures exceptional taste every time.


    Our Samples

    Our extensive range of samples gives you the luxury of trying a product before committing to buy the full sized version. You may want to try a completely new product or simply try out a new flavour, either way this option helps you make an educated choice at a cheap and convenient price.




    Our range of cutting-edge bundles are all uniquely designed to provide synergistic benefits for specific goals. Each bundle combines some of our best-selling products and offers incredible value for money. So if you want to see real results and have a goal to achieve, simply choose the bundle that fits the bill.

    *Saving based on full price of individual products.


    MP Max

    MP MAX® is our ground-breaking range of premium sports supplements. Offering the very best in sports nutrition, each product is backed by the latest scientific research. This diverse range now includes everything from RTD's to protein bars. With zero compromise in quality, MP MAX® offers unparalleled value for money.