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Jar History

It is said that the inside Jar painting emerged between the years of Qianlong and Jiaqing (two Qing Dynasties), so it has been a kind of Chinese art for 200 years.

During the Qing Dynasty, bottles were mainly made out of Guangzhou, Beijing, Boshan (in Shandong Province), Inner-Mongolia, Liaoning Province and Tibet. Inner Mongolia is famous for its silver snuff bottles, and Liaoning for Agate ones, and Tibet metal ones.

To make an inside painting bottle, painter must work on the rubbed inside surface throughout the mouth of a bottle. Fine pictures are painted. It looks magnificent and smooth and so gains much admiration.

From the years of Guangxu to early 20th century, the art of inside painting reached its prosperity. The painting subjects are very wide and many highly skilled painters occurred. (Our inside painting are made by a famous artist)

Hope the above history will be helpful for your introduction to this art.