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Shifu Han Guangjiu

By Shifu Derek Frearson based on material supplied by Mary Chen


Wing Chun Wooden Dummy


Shifu Han Guangjiu was born in 1956 into a family, which loved Wushu.

His father had learnt many styles of Chinese martial arts and his brother was very proficient in Eagle Claw Boxing.


Guangjiu began to learn martial arts within his family at the age of three and was a gifted student.


As a teenager he sough out other masters to further improve his technique and understanding of the Chinese martial arts.


From Shifu Ou Rongju he learnt Yangs style Taiji boxing and straight sword, from Shifu Jan Di he learnt Cailifo and Shaolin Qigong and Shaolin boxing from Monk Kin Chang at the Shaolin temple.


 Further studies were made in Southern Shaolin and Tamtui from Shifu Quan Yi of the Jingwu Athletic Association.


Guangjiu practised diligently everyday, even during his military service when he had the opportunity to be trained in military style boxing.


After military service he was transferred to the Public Security Service and became a policeman, it was during this time that he met Master Pung Nan.


Fascinated by the Yongchunquan of Master Pen Nan he was greatly attracted by its magic, and Master Pen's excellent techniques.


Pen Nan loved his young, tall and talented apprentice and taught him the complete system including Traditional Chinese Medicine and the secret methods of Yongchunquan massage.


Before Master Pen died in 1995 he taught his beloved Butterfly Knife form to Guangjiu which marked him as the representative of Pen's style.


Pen also left him two dreams, to publish the complete system of Yongchunquan and research further the set's of Yongchunquan.


Publication of books


After 2 years hard work compiling information book 1 'Little Idea Form' was published closely followed by two other books on 'Search The Hands of the Opponent' and 'Shoot the Fingers' these were published by the Science Publishing Company of Guangdong.

Books on the 'Wooden Man Form' and the weapons will be published in December 1998.


These books illustrate the complete system of Pen Nan Yongchun, and marks the level of Foshan Yongchunquan.



" I've made one of Pen Nan's dreams come true ". Said Shifu Han with a smile. " The other dream is coming true very soon now".


History and a lifetimes research


A story from the past states that the famous grandmaster of Yongchunquan Liang Jan's apprentice, Zhao Qianhua was involved in a fight with the famous Master Huang Feihong.


Using Yongchun's three methods of the fist, three methods of the hand and three methods of the elbow Zhao was able to beat Huang Feihong.


Master Han explains " The methods of the fist and elbow can be seen in the most popular set's from Yongchunquan, i.e. Little Idea, Search the Hand of the Opponent and Shoot Fingers forms". " However the methods of hand don't appear in them, they can be found in other styles of Yongchunquan".


The three methods of the hand are Butterfly Hand from Four Directions Boxing, Beat the Tiger Hand from Beat the Tiger Boxing and Standing Hand from Foshan Buddha Hand Boxing.

The other styles of Yongchunquan also contain many different types of weapons including Spear, Knife, Sword and Stick etc.


Shifu Han believes that if a person want's to Master Yongchunquan he must search out the other forms of Yongchunquan which have been handed down in a direct line from Master to Master, only rare and talented people know these styles due to historical reasons.


With a great deal of effort Shifu Han Guangjiu has sought out famous Yongchun Masters sometimes it seemed an impossible task, he persevered however and was accepted by the hermit Master Huang.


The grandsons of the famous Master Chen Huasun taught Master Huang, Chen Jiaian and Chen Jiayan learnt all the sets of Yongchunquan.


Master Huang studied for many years and made great achievements, Huang was taken by Han's magical spirit, and his devotion and skills in the Chinese martial arts that he accepted him as a closed-door disciple in his old age.


Both Pen Nan's and Shifu Han Guangjiu's dreams are now a reality, to have published the complete system of Pen's Yongchunquan and to have researched the other major branches of Yongchunquan.


Through great effort and perseverance Shifu Han Guangjiu has worked diligently in his studies and training efforts to seek out and preserve the teachings of many famous masters and to bring their teachings to the next generation.


Han Guangjiu should be commended for his efforts and sincerity in preserving these arts and ensuring that these special treasures of China will remain for future generations.


 Wing Chun Wooden Dummy