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Chinese Horoscopes

The Metal Dog (1910 and 1970)

Uncompromisingly scrupulous and with extremely high standards, Metal Dogs have a serious outlook on life. Fiercely loyal and faithful, once they have showtheir allegiance to a person, party, or cause, there is very little that will persuade them to retract. They are forthright and not afraid to speak their minds, and will back their causes loyally and consistently in word and deed.

The Water Dog (1922 and 1982)

They are more flexible and easygoing because of the Water influence, but they can also be in need of more control.

The Wood Dog (1934 and 1994)

Wood Dogs are generous by nature and well balanced by disposition. More adaptable but less independent than other Dogs, they like to live and work as part of a group.

The Fire Dog (1946 and 2006)

Fire Dogs make born leaders. This element imparts dynamism, energy, enthusiasm, independence, a strong streak of adventurousness, and tons of charm, with a charismatic personality. An outgoing disposition and creative mentality ensure the Fire Dog popularity and success. But they do not get carried away with their own success.

The Earth Dog (1958 and 2018)

Slow but sure, the solid Earth Dog is a wise and kindly character. The Earth element lends these people innate practicality and invaluable talent when it comes to giving advice and dealing with money. Honesty, objectivity, and impeccable integrity are the trademarks of Earth Dogs. They are good at influencing other people's opinions through their quietly persuasive manners. The Earth Dog inspires.

The Metal Dragon (1940 and 2000)

Honest but intolerant, gutsy but inflexible, straightforward but insensitive, these Dragons have s steely strength as well as the Dragon fire. Metal Dragon succeeds in everything by sheer grit and defiance. They are tough, and they respect those who can stand up to them; but weaker mortals get short shrift from these Dragons. They make a powerful ally in times of trouble, but they are ferocious as opponents.

The Water Dragon (1952 and 2012)

Has a calming influence, is more sensitive to others and more cooperative. These Dragons know the art of patience and do not have the same burning desire to be the focus of attention. Their actions can go wrong though because of a lack of basic research and from not seeing one project through before starting on another one.

The Wood Dra20n (1904 and 1964)

Inquisitive and open-minded, Wood Dragons always enjoy discussing new ideas and are receptive to other people's points of view. They are creative and inventive as well as practical, and they appreciate art in all its forms.

The Fire Dragon (1916 and 1976)

Is a Dragon multiplied by two. In some ways the Fire Dragon is always his or her own worst enemy; These Dragons cannot help having the conviction that they are super-important and right about everything. When they really are right, of course, their combination of enthusiasm and energy is a great asset to the cause; but they do not always apply the best judgment, and sometimes jump to the wrong conclusion.

The Earth Dragon (1928 and 1988)

Logical and levelheaded, Earth Dragons have a flair for organizing, and they make excellent managers. They still have the Dragon urge to dominate and be looked up to, but they are sociable, approachable, and cooperative. Earth Dragons will work hard and purposefully to succeed at their aims in life.

The Metal Horse (1930 and 1990)

Twice as adventurous, independent, and freedom loving as the average Horse, and with a great enthusiasm for any challenge, the Metal Horse has a fear of being trapped that makes him or her shun all form of commitment. This Horse is a born rover, and is always reluctant to put down roots or to settle in a stable relationship.

The Water Horse (1942 and 2002)

The fluidity of the Water element brings great adaptability, and the Water Horse can make the most of circumstances, whatever they may be. But this is also the most indecisive of the equine tribe. The Water Horse tends to make frequent changes of mind and follow a new direction at a toss of the mane. Still, the Water Horse is always cheerful and has a sparkling wit and a marvellous sense of humour, which makes this Horse always in demand.

The Wood Horse (1954 and 2014)

Wood Horses are generally more predictable than other Horse folk, and better able to control excessive equine restlessness. Ultimately, this brings professional success and stability in personal relationships. They are intelligent and good-humoured.

The Fire Horse (1906 and 1966)

The Fire Horse is a breed apart volatile, flamboyant, and passionate. There is a strong, wild streak in this Animal that makes him or her want to live life on the edge. The Chinese say that the Fire Horse leaves a trail of devastation behind wherever it goes. Given this nature, Fire Horses fall into one of two groups: they are either hugely fortunate and successful or deeply miserable and unlucky.

The Earth Horse (1918 and 1978)

A more stable brand of Horse, and perhaps with a bit of the cart horse rather than the purebred racer in their nature, Earth Horses will work methodically towards a chosen goal. Although in love matters they can be fickle at times, they are never recklessly impulsive, and usually weigh up the consequences of any action before they decide to take it. Kindness, adaptability, and good humour guarantee them easy and happy relationships.

The Metal Monkey (1920 and 1980)

Clever, persuasive, and highly ambitious, the Metal Monkey is lively, outwardly warm, and strongly passionate. In business this breed is a complete success story. They have wisdom as well as quick Monkey wits, and are always fully prepared to apply themselves in order to achieve their ambitions. In love their passionate nature reveals itself to the full; they are loyal, faithful, and caring.

The Water Monkey (1932 and 1992)

Water adds a strong measure of sensitivity to the Monkey nature, which means that these Monkeys can get easily hurt. To protect themselves, they keep their feelings hidden from others. With their talents and qualities they can go one of two ways: they can pursue their objectives with patience, method, or meddle in other people's business.

The Wood Monkey (1944 and 2004)

Wood Monkeys have the typical Monkey acumen and sharpness. This gives them a talent for science, but they also have a gift for communication, and it is in the world of communications, linguistics, computers, and information technology that they excel. They have a natural gift for dealing with people.

The Fire Monkey (1956 and 2016)

Always strive to gain the upper hand, and like nothing better than a position at the top of the tree. They also love making conquests among the opposite sex, and can be very fickle. A saying in the East: "The further up the tree a monkey goes, the more you see his bottom."

The Earth Monkey (1908 and 1968)

Honest, serious, intelligent, and academically minded, Earth Monkeys like to go by the book. They are calmer, emotionally reserved and controlled, and less highly strung, altogether more dependable. Generally unselfish and reliable, they nevertheless have an ego. They can be irritatingly law-abiding and as partners they are kind and loyal, very loving, and deeply understanding.

The Metal Ox (1901 and 1961)

Works harder, and more conscientiously. They are completely honest and reliable, strong as iron but unfortunately, these very qualities can make them insensitive to the feelings of those around them; never afraid to speak up to defend what seems to them to be right.

The Water Ox (1913 and 1973)

Has more flexibility, is methodical, quick thinking and certainly more open and sensitive to other people. Patience and integrity ensure their popularity and success with friends, colleagues, and family.

The Wood Ox (1925 and 1985)

Tolerant and fair-minded, these are the most willing to accept change. With a more open attitude towards others, they appreciate the value of co-operative teamwork. They have a great deal of self-confidence, which gives them an air confirmed authority, and means that they are often elected as leaders. Loyal and devoted to those they love they make loving friends and relations.

The Fire Ox (1937 and 1997)

As a rule, Ox folk are not quick off the mark, but being born under the Fire element gives them uncharacteristically dynamic qualities, and this ensures them positions of authority at work and in the community. They’re extremely objective, though impatient. Fire Oxen are loyal and stoutly devoted to their family.

The Earth Ox (1949 and 2009)

Reliable and industrious Oxen belong to this group. They are shrewd and have good judgement, which can make them successful in financial matters. They have modest and realistic ambitions, and they are ready to work hard and achieve their aims.

The Metal Pig 1911 and 1971

Strong and assertive, the Metal Pig is a passionate creature that puts one hundred percent into everything he or she does. At work, the Metal Pig is cheerful and industrious; to a partner he or she is faithful and true. This brand of Pig is worth his or her weight in gold. Though not endowed with good judgement where others are concerned.

The Water Pig 1923 and 1983

Adept at dealing with people and have a gift for divining what is going on in other people's minds, they are easily influenced, but can also be very highly persuasive with others. By nature helpful and kind, they like to be of service. A hard worker and often keen and successful in business, this is also a very sociable Animal who loves parties. In fact he Water Pig is happiest of all in the bosom of the family.

The Wood Pig 1935 and 1995

Gift of subtlety and diplomacy stand the Wood Pig in good stead when handling other people. Characteristically big-hearted and generous, these Pigs are unstinting in giving time and money to worthwhile and charitable causes. Understanding and cooperative, they work well with others and are especially good at dealing with people.

The Fire Pig 1947 and 2007

Are capable of outstanding acts of heroism. Normally generous, the Fire Pig will do everything to maintain his or her family in wealth and comfort and this kind of person also makes a good, magnanimous boss. Only if things go really wrong can the Fire Pig show an almost bullish intractability and aggressive streak.

The Earth Pig 1959 and 2019

The Earth Pigs take a methodical approach to organizing their affairs. This kind of Pig is successful at work without needing to be right at the top of the ladder -although he or she is not without ambition and can also be astute in financial matters.

The Metal Rabbit (1951 and 2011)

More resilient and tenacious than the average, he/she is often a rather timid. Rabbits are Strongly intuitive, and also ambitious, they can be shrewd, even cunning, in their dealings. Their feelings run very deep, and their love affairs can become intense without the Rabbit showing much outward expression. Accomplished in the arts they often work with other creative people and on projects that require considerable application and dedication.

The Water Rabbit (1903 and 1963)

Sensitive and amenable, Water Rabbits will often go along with the flow to avoid disagreement, since conflict of any kind upsets them deeply. They may at times seem quiet and inward looking and sometimes prefer to seek their own company, but they are friendly and easy-going, over-sensitive at times, and all-too easily hurt.

The Wood Rabbit (1915 and 1975)

Wood Rabbits have the Rabbit love of peace in extra measure. Even though these Rabbits are popular, kind, and generous, people tend to see the Wood Rabbit as a typical fence sitter someone who is uncertain and indecisive. However, much of this may be attributed to a desire for peace and to an inborn kindness. Active and sociable, preferring to live life as part of a group, the Wood Rabbit is one of life's givers, always prepared to help, support, and care for those in need.

The Fire Rabbit (1927 and 1987)

Outgoing, enthusiastic, and bold, they are the most dynamic and magnetic. With a tendency to get up and go and a strongly adventurous streak in their natures, which, as wel1 as their skilIs in diplomacy, often leads to success in life, they love fun and good-humoured relationships.

The Earth Rabbit (1939 and 1999)

Is practical, serious, persistent, and hard working, logical and level headed as well as prudent and careful. These sterling qualities, and their ability to give sound advice, ensure for Earth Rabbits the trust and respect of all who know them. They are quite materialistic and like domesticity and security in life. They like to accumulate wealth in their own slow, modest way.

The Metal Rat (1900 and 1960)

These are the strongest, intensely idealistic with a matching emotional intensity that can lead to strong feelings of anger, jealousy, or possessiveness. They like being in charge and can act single minded even selfishly to achieve what they want. In partnerships whether business or personal -they can be stubborn or unyielding.

The Water Rat (1912 and 1972)

These rats have the knack of influencing other people with strong intellectual powers, as well as being great problem solvers. They are innately practical and apply these talents to their everyday lives. They can be keen to seek their own gain, and will not mind using these talents to achieve it though generally without losing anyone's respect.

The Wood Rat (1924 and 1984)

The Wood Rats are often worried about failure, despite their aptitude for finding success. Popular, capable, and good leaders at work, they nevertheless function best when they have the protective security of family around them. Friendly and sensitive, they are generally well loved by family, friends, and colleagues.

The Fire Rat (1936 and 1996)

Is impulsive and with great energy, loving change and travel, excited about new projects. They change their jobs and addresses more often than most, and their enthusiasm for life is quite infectious. In comparison to other Rats, Fire Rats are likely to be more generous, independent, and dynamic and the least self-disciplined.

The Earth Rat (1948 and 2008)

Is conservative and a good achiever. He likes to put down roots early then work toward a secure future for himself and his family. This Rat has great integrity and love of stability. A steady accumulation of wealth through life gives them peace of mind. Capable of being downright stingy with money, they nevertheless have very warm relations with those close to them.

The Metal Rooster (1921 and 1981)

Can at times seem arrogant and highly opinionated. They have great powers of deduction and rationality and like to analyse every situation. Despite their afro of tough self-righteousness, they are idealistic and will passionately work to improve the lot of humankind. Learning to compromise, would help in their relationships with other people.

The Water Rooster (1933 and 1993)

Quiet; calm; and generally more intellectual Water Roosters have the typical powers of rational thinking and analysis, and they excel in the world of science and communications. They have a seemingly constant supply of energy, but they can allow themselves to have an obsessive interest in detail, and lose track of the point.

The Wood Rooster (1945 and 2005)

Is kind and considerate to friends and family, possessing a strong social conscience that drives them to work for good causes and the betterment of society. However, they can expect too much of others, and they sometimes offend other people by being critical or blunt. Wood Roosters often end up making too many promises and taking on more than they can realistically handle.

The Fire Rooster (1957 and 2017)

Image is extremely important to the Fire Rooster; who spends a lot of time preening his or her fine feathers. With their dynamic elan they are also prone to displays of high theatricals. Nevertheless, these Roosters are brilliant organizers, have great will power; and make natural leaders.

The Earth Rooster (1909 and 1969)

Careful, methodical, neat, and tidy, the Earth Rooster is super- efficient and have the power to be very successful in life. Earth Roosters have very exacting standards, and also expect others to share them.

The Metal Sheep (1931 and 1991)

These Sheep like to pretend they are hard nuts to crack: but this is actually because they are emotionally as soft as putty and need to build a protective layer’ around themselves. Metal Sheep would not need their outer armour were they not so deeply vulnerable. Their love of art is particularly strong.

The Water Sheep (1943 and 2003)

Gentle and compliant, Water Sheep are always content to go along with the flow, and this makes them very easy to live with. They are "lovable" making people to fall over themselves to protect and look after them. Water Sheep also like to be humoured, and when they are not, they can be known to sulk.

The Wood Sheep (1955 and 2015)

Likes to get involved in a diverse range of activities with groups of friends and colleagues, and they are not usually short of friends and acquaintances. Dedicated, compassionate, and empathetic to a fault, they also seem to attract an assortment of strays and people down on their luck. With such overflowing kindness these Sheep may sometimes be taken for a ride, but more often their goodness is rewarded appropriately.

The Fire Sheep (1907 and 1967)

More outgoing and individualistic than other Sheep, Fire Sheep are less likely to need the support and approval of others. Their artistic sense leans toward the theatrical, and having a strong innate sense of drama, they gravitate toward the performing arts. They are lively and imaginative, and enjoy a busy social life with a good circle of friends.

The Earth Sheep (1919 and 1979)

The Earth element makes sheep folk industrious, independent, and resourceful, and also a little on the conservative side. But this Sheep has tenacity, is self-reliant, but also self-indulgent in a domesticated way. Spouse and family are the most important aspect of the Earth Sheep's life and they will work hard for the good of those they love. While prudent and conventional, they are, nevertheless, blessed with a sunny disposition, which enables them to make a good impression wherever they go.

The Metal Snake (1941 and 2001)

Snakes influenced by the Metal element have extra-strong willpower. They appreciate luxurious things in life, and have a gift for spotting opportunities’ that will enable them to gratify their heartfelt desires. Money is important to them, but comes only second to the need for the good things in life. Though they can be open with others they tend to act alone according to their instinctive qualities.

The Water Snake (1953 and 2013)

With highly developed intuitive faculties and strong psychological insights, Water Snakes can be powerfully psychic. They are extremely practical, and are also intellectual, and their forte lies in the management and organization of people and institutions. Water Snakes have good business minds, strong powers of concentration, and great determination.

The Wood Snake (1905 and 1965)

Probably the kindest, most amenable, and altruistic, not quite as narcissistic as the rest. Wood Snakes have the Snake's deep intellect, coupled with good understanding, and are genuinely concerned for others. Many are prepared to share their knowledge for the good of humankind and exhibit their leadership qualities in this arena.

The Fire Snake (191 7 and 1977)

Magnetic and charismatic, Fire Snakes are also rather outspoken, ambitious, and more extroverted than other Snake people. They have tenacity as well as leadership qualities, and, powers of persuasion. They have a good sense of humour, which balances their tough qualities.

The Earth Snake (1929 and 1989)

With their logical, down-to-earth approach, Earth Snakes are not troubled with the characteristic paranoia that afflicts so many other Snakes. Consequently, are more trusting and friendly, perhaps even more considerate and honest. They have the Snake's affinity with money and will succeed in the world of high finance. These Snakes are sensible, hard working, and reliable. Shrewdness is their greatest asset.

The Metal Tiger (1950 and 2010)

Likes to be different and to stand out in a crowd. They fix their sights firmly on the top and are determined and talented enough to get there. Handsome,’ they can sometimes suffer from Tiger tempers and changes of mood which they need to keep under control.

The Water Tiger (1902 and 1962)

Is calmer and more placid than their fellow cats. Their ability to take people's feelings and ideas on board makes them very reasonable and understanding. Endowed with great insight and intuition, they have excellent judgement.

The Wood Tiger (1914 and 1974)

Better able to work as a part of a team, Wood Tigers don't feel that tremendous Tiger urge to take charge or to dominate the scene. The Wood element gives solidity and stability, and with this comes warmth of character and thoroughly agreeable nature, which means that Wood Tigers are always popular with their friends. They are generous with their time and their possessions.

The Fire Tiger (1926 and 1986)

Colourful, active, and dramatic, Fire Tigers are alight with passion, enthusiasm, vitality, and verve. They are outgoing, communicative, and optimistic. They have the Tiger's inborn powers of leadership in full portion, and a natural ability to inspire other people with their own enthusiasm. They often have a natural wit, too, and powers of oratory.

The Earth Tiger (1938 and 1998)

Realistic, practical, and down-to-earth, Earth Tigers tend not to get swept away by their own enthusiasm and excitement. They have the sense of responsibility that other Tigers need to cultivate and are not so easily distracted from one brilliant scheme to another.