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Master Derek Frearson



President and Chief Instructor

International Taijiquan & Shaolin Wushu Association


Wing Chun


President and Chief Instructor Master Lun Gai Foshan Wing Chun Association

Lifetime member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association of Hong Kong

Certified Instructor Ving Tsun Athletic Association Hong Kong

Hon. Director of the Yip Man Museum Foshan China

Corporate Member Hong Kong Wing Chun Union



Seven Star Mantis Style


President and Chief Instructor Lee Kam Wing Martial Arts Association UK

Closed Door Disciple of Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing

Awarded 9th Level Master by Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing


                                                 Vice President                                                        International Seven Star Mantis Style Lee Kam Wing Martial Arts Association


Founding Chairman


The World of Traditional Seven Star Mantis Style Federation





Yang Style Taijiquan


President and Chief Instructor Yang Family Taijiquan Association

Member of Master Bow Sim Mark Taijiquan Association

Representative of Grandmaster Ou Rong Ju Yang Family Taijiquan

Hon. Director of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain



Other Honours:


The Global Chinese Martial Arts Federation Hong Kong

Overseas Founding Member

World Masters Traditional Kung Fu Association 8th Level

Vice President Hong Kong Southern & Northern Martial Arts Association

President of Hong Kong and China Shandong Mantis Association



Lifetime Member of:

Chin Woo Athletic Association Hong Kong

Chin Woo Athletic Association Foshan

Shaolin Boxers Association Deng Feng China

International Chinese Physician (Rheumatic Research & Orthopaedic Problem) Association Hong Kong and China




Combat Hall of Fame Awards 2003- 2011

Presented to Derek Frearson

In recognition of his


To Development of Martial Arts in the United Kingdom and around the World