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Tribute to Master Yu Tian Lu

By Sifu Derek Frearson

In October 2013 Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing organised our Annual Mantis Camp to Shandong province.

In Yantai we were hosted by the Great Master Yu Tian Lu of the Seven Star Mantis style. We were all impressed by the skill and generosity of Master Yu and his students a man of powerful voice and sprightly step.

  Within 3 weeks after our visit we were all deeply shocked to hear of his sudden death, no one could conceive that it was possible for him to be longer with us.

Rest in Peace


This video was published by Qi Xing Wuguan Yantai


Published on 6 Feb 2014 

Master Lee Kam Wing, Seven Stars Praying Mantis Hong Kong and his disciples from several other countries visited the birthplace of the Seven Stars style in Shandong province, Yantai in September, 2013.

Master Yu Tian Lu organized welcoming dinner for them and participants from Qi Xing Wuguan , some masters from other styles as well as Master Lee Kam Wing's students took part in the big performance held in order to enrich and support the exchange of knowledge and skills of traditional praying mantis Kung Fu.