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On the Bunde Shanghai Sifu Raul Centre

with his students John and Elliot



Sifu Wayne Pinto with his teacher

Sifu Derek Frearson



Lilly from France Water Town Suzhou



 Sifu Nicolai's students from Germany Ben and Daniel



Sifu's Derrick Wright, Derek Frearson, Raul Ortiz



Sifu Raul and Sifu Derrick from USA training at West Lake




Grandmaster Lee with English grandstudent Paul Tennet



Training West Lake Hangzhou



Sifu Derek Frearson making a presentation at the

Hong Kong police Wushu club


Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing at his 40th school anniversary celebration



        Hong Kong students Malcolm and Fung with close door                    manuals presented by Grandmaster Lee



Sifu Brian Bateman USA Sifu Laslo Kovacs Hungary






Grandmaster Lee with his German student Nicolai



 Grandmaster Lee with Hungarian student Gyorgy Varadi



 Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing's International Seven Star

Mantis Family



Training on the banks of the Grand Canal Wuxi China 




Hong Kong disciple Fung collecting his well deserved trophy


Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing Shanghai Chin Wu Athletic Association